Save the Date

October 26th – October 30th – Fall Book Fair
October 30th – Halloween Extravaganza
November 2nd – Movie Night
November 25th – Half Day Care
December 3rd – PTO Meeting (at NSES)
December 3rd – Half Day Care
December 4th – Half Day Care
December 4th – Holiday Sale Extravaganza
December 7th – 11th – Holiday Sale
December 11th – Parents Night Out 6-10pm
December 23rd – Half Day Care

January 7th – PTO Meeting (at middle/high school)
February 4th – PTO Meeting (at NSES)
March 3rd – PTO Meeting (at middle/high school)
March 18th – Basket Raffle
April 7th – PTO Meeting (NSES)
May 5th – PTO Meeting (at middle/high school)
June 2nd – PTO Meeting (NSES)

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    notes from the treasurer

    - The 2015-2016 budget was approved during the May meeting.

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