North Stonington PTO

October 2022 Meeting Minutes

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Rob Cillino, Dawn G, Rosanne S, Sally T, Breeze F, Kelly G, Bridget G,  Kim H, Kristen St. G, Melanie H, Hailie D, Christopher B, Danielle S, Jessie A, Missy D, Megan S, Melissa B, Tessa W, Amy L, Sherrie M, Amanda B, Meghan L, Leah C, Nicole W, Katie K, Jill C





Mr. Cillino said that the fire safety week went well. The fire department visited the school. The kindergarteners got to visit the firehouse this week. Drama is having a drama talent show to fundraise for the drama club in early December. More than 70 students auditioned for Drama Club, and rehearsals begin this week. The band teacher held an informational meeting this week for students joining band. “The Reptile Guy” visited the 6th grade. It was sponsored by the NSPTO. The school participated in walk your can a mile last week. School pictures are at the end of October. The school will be participating in the Sandy Hook Promise program in March. The program is based on grade level and helps students identify and reach out to lonely students. 

Ms. Costa said Mrs. Williams sent along her thanks for the Reptile Guy program. 

Mrs. St. Germain said spirit week is going well at Wheeler. It is a very busy week. The bonfire is on Thursday, and homecoming is on Saturday. The wacky Olympics are also happening. Hallway decorating is happening thanks to student officers and helpers. Wheeler drama is going well. Sports are going well, and volleyball clinched their division. Middle school dance/activity night went well. She recognized Mrs. Haggerty for all of her hard work and support. She shared tips to get information from PowerSchool and said the new cell phone policy is going well. She reminded parents to call in absences. Four unexcused absences result in reporting truancy to the state. NSEF is looking for nominations for notable alumni. The first Wheeler advisory board meeting happened but had low attendance. The school is focusing on keeping students well. Picture retake day is 10/27.

Mrs. Haggerty said that Mr. Tardiff send thanks for the Boston field trip funding. The middle school activity night went well. Students who are falling behind are invited to stay after school to work and get caught up. She thanked the PTO for making a line item for wellness day. The next blood drive is on 10/27.


Mrs. Tavaras gave us updates about Wheeler Drama. They are performing on November 18-19th. They are also doing The Little Mermaid in the spring. They are hosting a family movie night as a fundraiser. 

Treasurer’s Report

The starting balance for October was $29,742.93.  After income and expenses, our ending balance (as of 10/18) was $27,796.02.  

A motion was made, seconded, and approved to accept the report.


September Minutes

The September attendance needs to be updated. A motion was made, seconded, and approved to accept the September meeting minutes.


Request and Review


Mrs. Tavaras made a request for funds to help cover the cost of tickets to a Shakespeare play at the Globe theatre tickets in London. Students who are attending the trip spoke about the meaning of the event.  


A motion was made, seconded, and approved. 


Butter Braid sales are going well. If you want to help Hailie with the order pick up, let her know. 

The Halloween Float is made and just needs the finishing touches. Thank you to everyone who helped, including Greg Davis. The PTO isn’t traveling on Main Street.

Fall Fest planning is going well. We have 7 volunteers but could use more still. 



The StepitUp kick-off is in November. We still need volunteers. More details next time. 



Kelly let us know the Drama Club talent show begins with teachers performing. The Drama Club will participate in the Trunk or Treat.

We had positive feedback about meeting snacks and childcare. Thank you to Ashley for the childcare. General feedback.  

We discussed how it works for us to support pre-k-12th grade and what the best options are for success. 

The meeting was adjourned at 7:51 pm.